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About Armanbehboud
ARMAN BEHBOUD Company was established in 2007 as an importer and distributor of hygienic and medical equipment. The company is located in Tehran and also leads its office in Isfahan to fully support the customers around whole the country. Thanks to precise research and investigations, a range of high quality products are available for customers who are looking for reputable European and US manufacturers. We gained a remarkable experience for several years of cooperation with well-known international companies in field of imports and distribution of medical and hygienic products.
During these years we have arranged a team of specialists and highly qualified physicians & surgeons, experienced nurses and educated marketers to promote products and develop the marketing a close connection to decision makers. We exclusively, focus on scientific presentation of products in wide range of territory of Iran. We also seek to get authority from our suppliers to expand our activities to neighborhoods state like IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, UAE, central Asia states to find potential markets in the region more
Armanbehboud Exclusive Agent
1-Argon Medical Devices, Inc (Biopsy Needles) from USA
2-Epimed International Inc ( Racz Catheters) from USA
3-ThermaSolutions CO (HIPEC System) from USA
4-FORNIA Co (PCA Pump) from China
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