The use of nano-encapsulated foam revolutionize treatment

Dialog gene research project seeks to imitate says we're in beta cell function in the body, these cells produce and release insulin to help control the body's health. Gu author of the article about the University of North Carolina.
The research team developed a spongy matrix of spherical chitosan were made. Chitosan is a substance that is found abundantly in the body, shrimp and shellfish. The porous polymer matrix material Nanvkpsvlhayy that contain glucose-oxidizing enzymes.

This matrix contains a reservoir of insulin is taken. Reservoir matrix structure with about 250 micrometers in diameter, which can be injected into the patient's body. The smart foam when exposed to a large amount of glucose to be inflated and releases insulin. When blood glucose rises, glucose can trigger a reaction in which hydrogen ions are Enzymes in nanocapsules. These ions bind to the fields of molecular sponge Kytvzany results in the formation of positive charges on their surface. In effect, this time, the fields are separated charged to a repulsive force between them is minimized. This opens the channels for withdrawal of the insulin and insulin into the bloodstream easily.

Excess insulin in the blood, resulting in decreased glucose levels and eventually decreases the positive charge. With ease, the channel closes and stops the insulin withdrawal. Since tumors are acidic environment so the structure can be used to release anti-cancer drugs. In fact, in the case of cancer cells, causing a rise in hydrogen ion channel opening and release the drug.
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