Compare Trnsdyvsr permanent and disposable trap Trnsdyvsr

Transydyvsr standing in front of the disadvantages of using disposable transducers < br /> encountered:
as we know Transducer Transducer for showing pressure CVC or Arterial patient on the monitor. So if there is the slightest defect in quality increases the percentage error
1 - Transducer the temperature and moisture sensitive and affects the accuracy of time Transducer constant over about At least 6 months they are very influential,
while using Transducer disposable only a short time and for any sick ; Transducer again using the percentage error decreases.
2 - in use Transducer be a permanent item (milky Tee, Tube K , livestock and cable) If it together that this action is not done carefully, carefully reduced pressure,
but the system Transducer disposable goods to each other and all the devices together Connect and provided in a sterile pack being a consumer.
3 - given above using Transducer constant risk of infection is very high, while minimizing the risk of infection is reduced disposable systems
4 - permanent system to monitor and pressure the patient to the operating room ICU or recovery is usually attached to the animal refused to use Transducer stretcher standing there and act as if it should happen again and again in a new set of action Assemble did,
However, the same system can disposable Animal Transducer disposable patient to the operating room ICU transferred in ICU There is no need to re- Transducer is not
5 - In the system, a user always has the quality problem goods purchased for assembling the various brands is facing.

But in all disposable goods in a pack, and the user will be provided a company.
6 - permanent system of patient cost much more than the use of disposable systems
*** Ykyar system using all cables and brackets and clamps and laser points over the cost 15.000.000 £ for the monitor to be Hospitals will be provided free of charge
Important note:
It is Transducer permanent medical equipment sector are bought each center and usually It can not cost the patient subsequently received from the insurance, so the cost is always less than Hotelling hospital to hospital without income income.

- Trnsdyvsr the lifespan of between 6 months to one year

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