• Epidural Needles
    Epidural Needles Available in Straight and Coudé®  View more
  • Specialty Needles
    Specialty Needles The BELLA-D® Needle is one of the newest developments in patented needle technology at Epimed. It is a modified spinal needle with an occluded tip and a laser-drilled side opening for directional injections.  View more
  • Standard Needles
    Standard Needles The Quincke spinal needles have a Luer lock connection on the hub, a medium length cutting bevel, and a sharp tip. The fitted arrangement of stylet and cannula hub provides proper needle bevel orientation.  View more
  • Trys and Kits
    Trys and Kits VERSA-KATH® MiniTray with Plastic LOR is a cervical catheter system including components needed for precise placement of the VERSA-KATH® into specific targets in the epidural space.  View more