CLEANER15™ Rotational Thrombectomy Systems

CLEANER15™ Rotational Thrombectomy Systems

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CLEANER15™ Rotational Thrombectomy Systems

CLEANER15 is indicated for the mechanical declotting of native vessel dialysis fistulae and synthetic dialysis access grafts. The single sinusoidal wire design safely macerates thrombus while preserving the vessel wall. The high torque and robustness provide the power and strength needed for dense clot burden. CLEANER15 comes procedure ready and is intuitive to use.

:Other features include

Atraumatic mechanical thrombectomy safe and effective in both AV fistulae and grafts-
Guidewire-like design provides excellent steerability-
Radiopaque S-wire conforms to varying lumen diameters, actively cleaning wall-adherent thrombus-
3-way sideport and distal side hole on catheter allows for infusion of fluids and contrast media-
Fluid vortex effectively macerates thrombus while reducing the risk of endothelial damage-
Procedure ready – no assembly required-
Completely disposable – no capital equipment required-
Quiet operation allows for patient comfort during procedure-

Product Code Catheter OD Length Sinusoidal Wire Amplitude
700015 7F 65cm 15mm
700115 7F 135cm 15mm

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Visit : 1792
5.4/10 (Voters 31 Person )